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Executive Board

President: Rhys Davis

3rd year Mechanical Engineer


My name is Rhys Davis and I'm from Columbus, OH. I joined ESW last fall because I was really looking to get into sustainability somehow, and I figured since I was an engineering major, this was the place for me. I want to be involved in sustainability because I believe there's still hope to reverse mankind's negative impact on the earth but it has to happen now, so I feel it's my responsibility to try furthur that cause. My hobbies include painting, doodling, and playing basketball and tennis, and I'm a big fan of rap music. Contact me at


Vice-President: Will Ennis

Treasurer: Elizabeth Bransford


3rd year, Chemical Engineering


My name is Elizabeth Bransford and I’m from Mason, Ohio. I checked out ESW last fall because I was interested in sustainability and I was in engineering so it just made sense to see what it was about. I joined ESW because I wanted to learn more about issues occurring in the community and around the world and start taking action to make our planet more sustainable. I like long walks in the mountains, laughing and painting. 

Fundraising and Social Chair: Sania Khan

Secretary: Sean Lima

Project Manager: Mitchell Steindler

E-Council: Victoria Yee