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About Us

Our Mission

A world in which engineering fosters environmental, social and economic sustainability to improve both the quality of life and the condition of our planet.

Who We Are

Engineers for a Sustainable World at The Ohio State University strives to be the premier engineering sustainability organization on campus. We do this by undertaking various green engineering projects and by inviting sustainability related speakers to campus to speak to organization members and to the campus community as a whole.

We try to be quite diverse with our projects, spanning from increasing awareness for the necessity of sustainability, to education outreach programs, and to design and build projects. We do our best to partner with various organizations on campus in order to work on larger projects that have a larger potential to impact campus.

We love having new members, and if you have an idea for an event or project, even better - we are always willing to entertain new ideas. If you think that ESW is right for you, if you believe that you would like to pursue a career in sustainability, then join us!